Dinner At My House…

“Terrific Tilapia” from “Too Hot in the Kitchen” cookbook I adapted it to gluten-free by using all purpose gluten free flour I also used white asparagus , yellow tomatoes, capers and added 1/4 veggie broth my fav is Imagine brand. I also used my oregano basil & tomato  spice blend by The Gourmet Collection, you can find these spice blends at TJ maxx and Marshalls. I like to use recipes as a base I usually change things up a bit maybe because I add something or need to substitute don’t be afraid to do that use what you have on hand!  I love to shop the food  isles of these stores you can find great deals on gourmet goodies and great cookbooks! Let me know if you this recipe!

This was a great hot dip I made from leftovers My Gluten-free can be delish post. I pureed my 13 bean mix  or (1 can refried beans) topped with layer of shredded chicken with tomatillo sauce about 3/4 cup. Next layer 1 finely minced jalapeno and 2 T. minced cilantro final layer monterey jack cheese 1/2 cup. bake 350 till bubbly and cheese is slightly brown about 20-25 min. serve with chips of your choice. You could add sour cream.

I love indian food hot and spicy…so I did a stir fry of veggies and used some leftover pork that I cubed up in small pieces, served over rice and peas. Veggies used okra ,cauliflower, red bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and zucchini, 3 minced garlic cloves. Stir fry chopped veggies about 2-2 1/2 c. total, in 1 1/2 -2 T. coconut or evoo. cook to veggies are tender but still have some crispness (no one likes mushy) add cubed cooked pork or just keep it veggies your choice. 1/4 c. veggie or chicken broth and some Indian pre made sauce 1- 12 oz. jar. There are so many great ones try Stonehouse 27 brands such as tomato&chilies 2chilies…or Seeds of Change brand  try Madras…Jalfrezi or tikka Masala…these are all med to med hot sauces try something new add some spice to your menu!

pizza night started with great fresh goodies…

Bobs Red Mill gluten-free pizza crust mix… this is my first pizza in my new ovens …we got the pizza stone and peel (giant spatula) accessory made for our oven… So a nite of first…1st time to make a gluten free crust…1st time to use my pizza stone… which the recipe on the mix says to press into a pizza pan! which you don’t use when you have a stone!

so here I am taking out the 1st pizza!

very organic shape hee hee….

and  the 2nd pizza came out a little more oval like sorta …hee hee but both were good and my first taste of pizza since my detox cleanse.  If you are wondering why all my recipes have been gluten-free I will explain on a new upcoming post.  So stay tuned….

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