For The Love Of Spice…

still in use after all these years…my mom Lydia’s ” molecajete” we had a chile piquin bush growing up…you don’t find these chilies growing here in Dallas I think it gets to cold here. But in all my years in the big “D” I’ve never seen them fresh in the store but on a recent trip to central market there they were! These tiny peppers pack a punch and great flavor…3 in the grinder with a large clove of garlic and some cumin seeds…forms this paste great for your sauces!

Rockfish smothered in roasted tomatoes, chili piquin garlic paste, adobo, cilantro, onions, bell peppers served with lentil brown rice with spanish spices, spinach and kale, and a great chopped salad.

Friday night dinner for four! Roasted organic chicken, asparagus, sweet potatoes, red onion and parsnips, butternut squash soup and salad…a great meal for cooler weather and even in Texas it is finally cooling down…so time to heat it up in the kitchen!

empty plates but not for long…the meal was great… for dessert we had banana, pineapple and red raspberries sauteed in a bit of organic butter, agave nectar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and clove…delish

Day 21 wow my last day of the detox cleanse…I made swordfish with mango/ pineapple salsa… roasted red and gold beets, purple cauliflower, red onion…brown rice/lentil mix …sugar snap peas and a mixed salad.  Mango salsa recipe… 3/4 c. each of  chopped mango and pineapple…2 T. minced cilantro…1/4 c. finely chopped red onion… 1 minced jalapeno, 1T. lime juice, 1t.evoo or walnut oil, dash of garlic, chili powder, sea salt a pepper mix and enjoy with fish, chicken or beef…enjoy


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2 Responses to For The Love Of Spice…

  1. Marcy Valdez says:

    That is a special “molecajete”! I’ll bet my aunt Lydia made some mean salsa’s with it! And now Michele is doing the same! A kitchen is just not a kitchen without one! Jesse wouldn’t be able to cook without it! His is special too; it was his grandma’s. I’m making spaghetti squash tomorrow! but with meatballs and marinara.

    • mama never used powdered spices she would grind everything up and it gave her dishes great flavor! I forgot how hot those little chilies are just takes 1 or 2 to heat up a whole dish. So cool, Jessie has a molecajete from his grandma that is a prized possession! Yum on your dinner.

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