A Special Treat!

after 13 days of detox cleansing…a girl needs a nite out…and so we went out!  Seasons 52 is where we headed in Plano for a great dinner…seasonal fresh great tasting food this was our second visit and we can tell it will be one of our new favorite places to dine out!  I think this might be my 1st hubby post!  Patio of course the weather was great!

I had a great starter salad …then dinner…and it was so good it made me think I was cheating…but I didn’t all things I enjoyed were on my special diet… chicken, wild rice and veggies white beets who knew…I ate it all of course!


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3 Responses to A Special Treat!

  1. Emily Frans says:

    All there food looks delicious!

  2. tastyeatsathome says:

    That sounds like a great place to eat. Where in Plano is it? I haven’t heard of it!

    • Your kitchen sounds like a good place to eat to me! hee hee… but we do need to get out of the kitchen and have something special now and then. Seasons 52 is on Legacy across from the Shops Of Legacy close to the tollroad. Check out their lunch menu too, (like most places you can save a little on prices at lunch)

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