21 days…Health…Detox…Cleanse…

Well here I go…so many of my friends have done this detox cleanse… after 3 or so years of friends saying they have done it and felt better I finally decided to do it… so 21 days no sugar, caffeine, bread, alcohol, you can eat lots of veggies …fruit…the standard process shakes and supplements…day one starts tomorrow!  Day 11 you get to add fish and organic chicken… so here I go stay tuned to see how I do and share inventive veggie recipes!

some goodies for the first few days…

you can cook with olive oil, organic butter, walnut oil,  coconut oil … so it will be fun trying these new oils …I’ve  already tried the walnut oil and really like it.  So here goes tomorrow will be day 1…


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2 Responses to 21 days…Health…Detox…Cleanse…

  1. Susanne says:

    good for you! you’re such a great cook–i’m sure you’ll come up with fabulous things to eat!

  2. Susanne,thanks for the encouragement! I figure if a blog about it, I will stick thru it and hopefully pass on some new recipes!

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