More Than A Spoonful

Isn’t this cute…a vintage spoon made flat and stamped…get yours at Patina Green in  downtown McKinney Tx…they have different words.  I used double stick foam tape and added it to my vintage cabinet!

love it!

I got this cool spoon and fork a couple months ago and finally got them put up…I had seen some in wood awhile back but when I saw these in shiny metal I knew they would be just the right touch for our newly remodeled kitchen…next a little soft drapery..stay tuned!

don’t you love when you go to the market and they have great things to try and taste? Are you like me and buy it…hee hee…tasted and bought…these are soooo good they are 100% cheese baked to a crisp…I used as croutons …but would be great to add to a soup as a delish garnish.

dinner delish…baby squash…asparagus…pan roasted potatoes…salmon and salad.

Michele’s Potatoes

( 1-3) small to med. golden yukon or red skins… 1/2-1 t. fresh rosemary…2-3 cloves garlic…salt & pepper… 3 leaves of fresh basil . finely mince all herbs and garlic . 2 T. walnut oil or olive oil heat up add garlic saute 1-2 mins. till slightly golden add potatoes med-med high heat …toss around so all sides are cooking evenly continue cooking bout 6-8 mins…add herbs, ( coarse pepper , sea salt) to taste toss… adjust heat to low cover 6 mins. then uncover turn heat back up to med-med high and continue cooking to achieve desired doneness…the potatoes should be crispy on the outside the garlic and rosemary will be crisp as well…great texture and flavor… I love to make these and use then warm on a salad instead of croutons, try it…. enjoy…My friend Mindy just told me about walnut oil so I used it for these potatoes and it added great flavor…



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