The Whole Cupcake!

Well here it is …Read all about it!   To see the larger version  go to La Duni NorthPark click on special events!

Doesn’t this look fun?  Along with all this you can shop for all my latest pieces from the Fall Collection …”Mixed Metal” … “Vintage Cool”… “Glamour Bling”  layer it up,  mix it up, we will show you how to spice up your Fall Fashion Wardrobe.

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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1 Response to The Whole Cupcake!

  1. julie says:

    Well I could certainly use a wardrobe spice up! I’ll let you decide if I need some Glamour Bling or Vintage Cool, as I sip my mojito and enjoy La Duni’s way cool atmosphere. I know everyone will love your designs, I’m so looking forward to seeing you shine this night!

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