More Details….

Well this is very exciting NEWS!!!  The event… “La Duni & Michele Busch Fall Indulgence”…doesn’t that sound luxurious!!!  Do you want to know more?  Then you need to mark your calendars and make plans to come.  Tuesday, September 28th, the time for the event 5:30-8:30. There will also be givaways… and one I can tell you about is a very special set I have designed as the” La Duni “set. The set includes a necklace, earrings and bracelet in the La Duni color palette.  Caramels, olive, chocolate browns and earthy oranges…sounds good enough to eat!  La Duni desserts are my favorites !  The wonderful meringue frosting and creamy froth on their coffee drinks etc. etc…inspired the layered flower pin that you can remove from the necklace and wear as a separate piece.  The set will be available in limited edition at this event.  And one of you has the chance to win the set along with other very cool items!  Okay…there will be fantastic partners at this event, Fresh…Williams Sonoma…Intimacy to name a few.  Want to know more…well check back and I will be revealing the whole cupcake!!!  That means scoop in La Duni terms!!  Trust me when I say “reveal” there is so much more to tell.


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One Response to More Details….

  1. Emily Frans says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun! And good food too! 🙂

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