Introduced to Ikea

My sister Margee  came in town with her hubby Leslie.  We had some great sister time…filled with non stop talking, laughing … remember whens…and shop till you drop shopping!  I had just been to Ikea where I bought this cool print fabric  and rod and made this new panel for our laundry room…no sewing I used iron on tape love that stuff !  My sister had never been to Ikea so of course we added it to our places to go…don’t you love Ikea?? I love to organize and pick up decorating ideas and you can’t beat Ikea for that! This window is an odd width which requires a custom blind. I tossed out the old torn up mini blinds…priced out some new blinds and ended up making this …with the rod which is also from Ikea my cost was $ huh …

So off to Ikea we went …and look at this cool fluffy blankie…it is modern…and shabby chic at the same time…My sister was playing around with mine hanging it over my french door like a curtain drape which looked very cool …options limitless use your imagination…but best of all check out the amazing price in the next photo.

Best of all…under $20.oo…what a steal..don’t you think?? I may just go back and get another one for this price…


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