Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

We recently got to go to my Uncle and Aunts 50 Anniversary!  We had a great time visiting and catching up with all my relatives. And it was great to see the farm my mom grew up on. She was from George West Texas, which is close to Corpus Christie . So we took a couple of days to see Port Aransas…I grew up going there several times a year. It had been  at least 25 years since I had been there!  We usually go to Mexico or Florida. But I forgot the beauty of the Texas coast where I had spent coutless summers…fishing …shell hunting …playing in the sand..

Well I shell hunted my heart out and also found several sand dollars! I have collected shells all my life and can’t go to the beach without a search. Now don’t worry I did leave a few in Port A…

We ended up having a contest our son won. Yes he found one bigger than this one I found. My husband found some beautiful one’s also. We had a blast..I will post more of that trip later…

As you can see from the photos I collect, I wash, I organize, I dry and then I decorate with them. I just think shells are beautiful! And it is so relaxing to walk down the beach and hunt for them. Maybe you will see a few in some one of a kind jewelry pieces , but I never part with many!


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3 Responses to Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

  1. Susanne says:

    you found some beauties! i love to decorate with shells–makes me remember wonderful vacations!

  2. Christine says:

    Wow, it doesn’t look like you left any shells! Hee Hee

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