Burning The Midnight Oil

Well it is 1:45 in the morning and I just completed a few last minute one of a kind designs for the Trunk Show Event At Pappagallo in Frisco!  I have designed more pieces in the last 12 years than I can remember after the midnight hours… but the last 2 pieces I did are eye catching statement pieces. One of the pieces is czech glass in olive and black that has a snake skin print, I had never seen anything like this bead when I purchased them from one of my vendors a few months back and still have not seen anything like them…I bought every strand he had!!! And I have to say I think I created a true master piece…every now and then I think wow I may really want one of these for me I think this could be one of those pieces!!! So ladies if you reserved a spot for the fashion show tomorrow you could be the proud owner of this necklace!  So stay tuned for the pic’s of the fashion  and jewelry trunk show …I may post tomorrow if I still have  any energy left. I actually had an important client meeting earlier today and 10 min before I was leaving I somehow slipped  fell back words hit the ceramic floor so hard …it happened so fast I was like uh oh did a break something major ouch …and then I was like girl you have to suck up this pain and get up off the floor and get  to this meeting …. Now I need to take major advil because It feels like I was in a car wreck I still can’t believe I didn’t break my wrist or crack my hip…but bruised up I am , a little physical therapy in the future I ‘m afraid. Oh and the meeting went great exciting announcement will be coming soon stay tuned for it!


About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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