Kitchen Reveal

and here it is…our new kitchen transformation! My style is modern with a vintage touch… like my jewelry design like the style of clothes I wear…I like to mix things up and make it fun!

this is where the old desk built in was now it is the beverage center…

love the new glass backsplash… such a difference from my painted over tile accents…which did give us a change for the last 3 years… I need to find the original tile pictures with the hunter green and berry accent tiles which I painted brown after several years and yes I picked out the hunter green, berry and almond backsplash when we built our home  back in “95”when you had to have fruit or flower wallpaper!

one of my favorite features about our new kitchen is the pull out spice rack…

the new cook top…I love how the vent comes up at the push of a button! And from 4 burners to 7 I can cook up a storm now and yes I have already used 5 of the burners at once and plan to use all 7 soon! I will post the vintage cabinet and eating area soon… stay tuned.


About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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2 Responses to Kitchen Reveal

  1. Susanne says:

    OH.MY.GOODNESS. that turned out beautiful! i know you must be so happy to have it all done.

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