Before the remodel…

Well I’m finally ready to post on our kitchen remodel….and here are the before shots!  The cabinets were a washed wood, back splash was almond with brown accents… I had painted them brown , they use to be hunter green and berry that was so the style in the early 90’s with fruit wallpaper border …which I had changed in last last few years…the walls were painted in a mellow washed yellow with blue in a couple of the insets. The appliances white except for the dishwasher we replaced a year ago.

you can see the desk and mail slot area which we never really used as a desk area.. the inset area was painted blue…the cooking island…working island shown here.

our sink area

cooking island… well stay tuned …next i will post the new kitchen!


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2 Responses to Before the remodel…

  1. julie says:

    Lot’sa good times in that old kitchen!!
    Memories. . . you know I can’t sing so I’ll stop now

    • Yes lots of good times!! You mean Memories misty water color memories… oh i can’t sing either some things we need to leave for Barbra! hee hee…can’t wait to create new memories and fun parties and mostly great cooking in the new kitchen…especially once I truly figure out how to work all my new appliances!

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