Michele Busch Jewelry featured in INDULGE Magazine

The August Issue of Indulge Magazine …get your copy!!! Pappagallo Classiques featured my jewelry in Indulge Magazine ! Thank you Pappagallo! Have you guys been to this boutique yet?? Well get going if you haven’t been, and if you have isn’t it cool!

Here is what the article said.

and… here is the photo of  two of my necklaces over a great turq sweater with coconut buttons I think I need that sweater!! Yep I do better go get one. And if you like these necklaces go pick one up!! The shorter necklace has a vintage key and vintage mother of pearl buckle, the cool thing about this necklace is it’s a one of a kind. Even though I made 3 for Pappagallo, each is a little different because each buckle and key are different vintage pieces. The longer piece with the flowers are all a little different since all the flowers are handmade. So head to Pappagallo and get your unique on!!!

About Michele Busch

Jewelry Designer
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2 Responses to Michele Busch Jewelry featured in INDULGE Magazine

  1. patti says:

    Just read the article in The Dallas Morning News! Love your jewelry! Patti in Texas

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