Canton Event You Can’t Miss!

On a recent visit to Canton we happened upon a great piece for our kitchen. The set up of this space caught my eye, made me slow down, walk thru and take it all in. As i was quickly gathering things I had to have I noticed the huge vintage hutch full of goodies was also for sale. I told my husband that would be great in our kitchen, he agreed …then we had to figure out how to get it home. This is the Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home Booth in Canton. They had the greatest mix of old and new goodies to make your nest feathered that you have ever seen! Long story short there is an actual store, chuck full of even more amazing goodies I couldn’t believe it. My husband even commented on how much he liked it. So more shopping ensued…the owner Laurie Anna loved the flower pin I was wearing…I told her I made them…my husband piped in she designs jewelry too. So my exciting news is she is going to start selling Michele Busch Jewelry!!!

Even greater news she is expanding and opening up a huge new store!  She has an event she does twice a year called Serendipity.(FALL PREVIEW) This great event is a shopping trip worth driving to Canton for …trust me. I will be there to introduce myself and show and sell many one of  a kind pieces , designs from my current line and of course my flower pins. To check out all the details on this shopping experience go to the link below . I can’t wait to see you there !!!

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1 Response to Canton Event You Can’t Miss!

  1. patti says:

    What a sweet find! I would love to see photos of how your new hutch looks in your kitchen! Laurie Anna’s is one of my favorite shops in Canton. Love her vintage farmhouse style! I’ve found some awesome accessories for my home there, and fortunately they’ve all been smaller than a hutch, so I didn’t have to figure out how I was going to get them home! 🙂 Patti

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