PAPPAGALLO CLASSIQUES (The Girlfriend Boutique)

I recently visited a fabulous boutique that has started selling my jewelry. Pappagallo Boutique Classiques on Houston street in Fort Worth Texas. This store is great I was impressed. The photos shown are of two of the staff Cristina and Pam and the one in the middle would be yours truly. These girls are so nice they were excited about my jewelry and showed me how the store was displaying it. I approve, this store is fun, if you have not shopped there before you need to check it out. Of course I shopped there myself and got a great pair of shoes !  The shoe parlor is upstairs very cool! I will blog more about those soon! Both Pappagallo Boutiques in Fort Worth, Texas as well as their Frisco location are carrying Michele Busch Jewelry. Some of the pieces are limited editions so if you are looking for a unique piece to dress up your wardrobe head to one of the stores quick!!

This whole blog thing is new for me this is just my 3rd post. I plan to connect this to my website which I’m sorry to say is still under construction it is going to be a while yet…but it will be worth waiting for so stay tuned…Speaking of under construction the past 3 weeks have been a whirlwind..we are in the middle of a complete kitchen remodel it has gone surprisingly well and fast. What we thought would take 6-8 weeks has came together in 3 weeks which is pretty amazing when you think about it..of course there is a coat of white dust everywhere but I’m not complaining..I can’t wait to cook and of course decorate..first things first… clean, dust, vacuum wipe down, dust the dust that just settled, well you get the picture new construction!! I will be posting before and after photos in the future.

Soon I will get the hang of this blogging thing .. so stop by and see whats new I plan to talk about more of the stores who carry Michele Busch jewelry and my other jewelry line Pink Lily..but that of course is another story!


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